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Magdalene Participant
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Adebayo Samson Participant

Ariccoin Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions exist for the benefit of http://africcoin.com and its members.

1. Relationship:

a. By joining our site as a member, you automatically agree to these Terms of Service, Privacy and Refund Policy of africcoin.com Members that do not agree to any of these Terms of Service, Privacy and Refund Policy should stop using our site/service and terminate their account immediately.
b. A member is neither an employee nor an independent contractor of africcoin.com.
c. The member is totally responsible for the money he/she spends in our site africcoin.com.

2. Africcoin Ideologies:

a. Africcoin.com is neither a business entity nor an investment program. Our ideology is solely based on Sharing and Caring and is therefore not under any legal authority as the concept of sharing and caring is totally freewill. Members therefore decide to join knowing the terms and conditions and are solely responsible for any activity concerning their membership.
b. The reward plan (50% 14 days) and or any other term is likely to change with or without prior notice, as any decision or changes that may occur, may be in ensuring the sustainability, ethics and growth of the community.

3. Illegal Activity:

a. Members may not present africcoin.com promotions on any page, newsgroup, email or any distribution method that is regarded objectionable by africcoin.com, its Internet Service Providers, or otherwise considered unlawful according to any controlling legal authority. This includes, but is not limited to, pornography, computer viruses, obscenity or Spam.
b. Members of our site are not allowed to gain referrals by enticing them with gifts/rewards/any other incentives other than that mentioned in our site.

4. Cancellation/Termination of membership:

a. Membership at africcoin.com is voluntary and therefore may be canceled at any time by the member.
b. Africcoin, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to terminate without notice, the account of any member caught in violation of the Terms of Service, Privacy or Refund Policy.
c. Any member acting unethical or unprofessional may be removed without refund (if any) at the sole discretion of africcoin.com with all current and future commissions and site usage forfeited. d. Any membership that is cancelled /terminated will forfeit all benefits and privileges associated with africcoin.com. Any positions held in africcoin.com will also be forfeited and ownership will be reassigned to africcoin.com.
e. We reserve the right to terminate the member's account in cases like, but not limited to, spamming, cheating, bad mouthing, misuse or abuse of our site/program/site admin(s)/site member(s).

5. Payments:

a. africcoin.com will never promise members when their GH request will be processed since this is a peer to peer based community. Funds coming into the community is solely determined by new members who Provide Help (PH) and members who do recommitment. It is therefore the duty and responsibility of every member to promote this ideology on social platforms to ensure the growth and sustainability of the community thereby ensuring faster process of their Get Help Requests hence members should refrain from alerting admin of their pending GH.

6. Refund Policy:

a. All donations are non-refundable (NO REFUND).
b. If you make a dispute, Charge back or reverse transactions on your pledged amount, your account will be suspended immediately.

7. For Promoters:

a. Pornography / Adult / Gambling / Betting or any related ads are not allowed.
b. Ads that disgrace any Religion / Faiths / Beliefs / Culture / Race / person / animals or any other living creatures / our site / other sites / other programs are not allowed.
c. Ads with false / fake / misleading claims are not allowed. Your account will be terminated if these types of ads are posted.

8. Privacy Policy:

a. Africcoin will never provide personal information about its members to third parties without the consent of the member unless required by law.
b. Your information collected is used for communication of africcoin.com with the members and will not be sold to any other company.

9. Contact Information:

a. It is the responsibility of members to keep their personal records up to date at the members’ area. Africcoin will not be responsible for communication error due to incorrect or out of date contact information. Continued failed attempts to make contact with you may result in the termination of your membership.

10. Damaging Intent:

a. Any Member who engages in chat, email, postings or any other medium, content that is deemed damaging to africcoin.com and/or its members may result in the termination of your membership with africcoin.com. Depending on seriousness, africcoin.com may deem it appropriate to exercise legal action.

11. Tax:

a. You, the member, are responsible for any and all taxes payable in your resident country / domicile or jurisdiction, for any income you receive either from africcoin.com or any program promoted via the africcoin.com program.

12. Modification:

Africcoin reserves the right to update, modify, add or change the terms and conditions without notice.

Africcoin Insight into the Community

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Africcoin Community

Africcoin community is a community of like-minds governed by the laws in the system. Read More>>

Africcoin E-Academy

Africcoin Academy is a school that trains and equips us to face the crypto currency business and to understand it.

Trading & Exchange House

The exchange house is to ensure that you can easily convert your coin to cash anytime you desire.

E-Commerce Hub

We want to give our community the total comfort and confidence in buying into this digital coin.

African Game Hub

African game hub is a system where our games are converted to cash just by competing in a tournament.

Import and Export Portal

The power of demand and supply from time immemorial has been a determinant in every market.

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