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Africcoin Community

Africcoin community is a community of like-minds governed by the laws in the system. Read More>>

Africcoin E-Academy

Africcoin Academy is a school that trains and equips us to face the crypto currency business and to understand it.

Trading & Exchange House

The exchange house is to ensure that you can easily convert your coin to cash anytime you desire.

E-Commerce Hub

We want to give our community the total comfort and confidence in buying into this digital coin.

African Game Hub

African game hub is a system where our games are converted to cash just by competing in a tournament.

Import and Export Portal

The power of demand and supply from time immemorial has been a determinant in every market.

how it Works

In Africcoin, participants are expected to create accounts only when they are ready to make a payment. As every account not funded within 72 hours will be blocked. All accounts on africcoin must be verified with a valid phone number, this is to ensure full security. Do not send your sms code to anyone as africcoin or the admins will not call you for your sms code or account Password.

There is a laid down policy for sustenance and longevity of the system /platform. Once you make a donation and your GH is due, you will be required to make a recommitment in other to qualify to Get Help for the total amount withheld in your wallet. Your new recommitment grows for another 14days and the same process continues. For example, if you donate 100k. You ought to receive 150k after 14days. Here, at the completion of 14days, a sum of 150k (capital + interest) will be withheld and you will be required to make a recommitment of your initial donation of 100k or more. Once that is done and confirmed, you can then go ahead to Get Help of all the amount withheld while the new recommitment grows for another 14days. It is a continuous process. Under the Africcoin Gateway. You buy Africcoin or donate in Bitcoin and it grows by 1% daily. That is, 30% in 30days. The system will release 80% and withhold 20%... Once you recycle, the remaining balance will be released to you instantly.

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