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About AfricCoin

We are a group of Cryptocoin developers. Africcoin trade on Cryptocoins which includes bitcoin, etherum, lite coin etc we have softwares and technologies which is advanced in the coin mining industry and as such will guide you to a greater heights, we are traders who seek to create a financial fair play environment and community. We do not not seek benefits of our own and do not wish to be praised nor honored. The best praise we desire is that all participants benefits and become financially free. At Africcoin financial freedom for all our members is our mission.

how it Works

In Africcoin, participants are expected to create only when they are ready to make payment. As every account not funded within 48 hours will be deleted from the system. Any payment made on Africcoin grows 50% immediately but matures in 14 days. At maturity, the fund moves to withheld wallet where it will stay till you re-commit. NB: Your re-commitment counts for 14 days and matures for withdrawal. Once your re-commitment is confirmed, your fund moves to the Available GH for withdrawal.

The Bitcoin gateway grows 30% in 30 days by 1% daily. At maturity, the fund is held pending re-commitment. One you re-commit, the Bitcoin fund is released to Available GH. Do not send your login details to anyone without the authorization of support. On no account will Africcoin request for your login details. In Africcoin, honesty, transparency, hard work and continuity is our watchword. Stay with us as we serve you better.

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Dear great and like-minds the solutions we seek in the e-commerce and crypto-currency world lies in our hands, together we can achieve it. Join Africcoin today and smile forever.

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